Blood Coven: The Complete Series

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Blood Coven: The Complete Series

Blood Coven: The Complete Series Blood Coven is a three-part Hot Dragon Shifter Romance Series by Linda Mathers. This is the COMPLETE series box set containing all 3 parts for one discounted price!

Consumed with the boredom from everyday life, Ashley’s bar tending job is slowly numbing her to death. The sexy regular, Damon, is the only reason she turns up to every shift. But he’s just as frustrating; stoically refusing to acknowledge all their raging chemistry, even after sharing a passionate kiss.

In a bid to make Damon jealous, Ashley flirts with newcomer Kristof. He’s charming and handsome, and offers her a glittering modelling career. But Kristof turns out to be more than he appears, and Ashley’s headed straight for disaster.

Will Ashley be able to save herself? Or admit she’s in over her head? One thing is for sure, her life would never be the same.

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