The Haunting of Addison House

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The Haunting of Addison House

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The realtor warned them. Addison House has a reputation. It is not friendly to new owners. That dead patch on the lawn? The site of more than one suicide. But Leah and Jon refuse to listen. In their newlywed euphoria, they scoff at what they consider to be silly superstition. Addison House is perfect, and they can’t wait to move in. But once inside, things change very quickly. Jon is attacked. Leah hears things—suggestive things, nasty things… Their cat becomes inexplicably vicious. More baffling things occur, until Leah and Jon are forced to face the truth. There is something deeply wrong with Addison House. And they are no longer alone. Will Leah and Jon fall prey to the same unseen power as the couples before them? Is there any escape?

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